What makes antique oak furniture stand out?

Antique oak stands apart from all other furniture options. This type of wood has so many properties that make it look uniquely classic and elegant. Here are some of the qualities that make antique oak furniture so special:

- Durability
There is nothing quite as durable as antique oak. These classic pieces of furniture have gracefully withstood the test of time, without acquiring lots of bumps and bruises. Hence, they tend to be quite heavy compared to other wooden furniture options.

- Colour tones
Although oak is often associated with darker shades of furniture that have a more formal appeal, antique oak furniture is also available in other colour tones. Attractive alternatives include light beige through to browns and reds. You could easily see antique oak in a warm honey colour tone, in a shiny reddish finish or mellow brown. In fact, you’d be surprised by the choice of shades that are available!

- Unique grain movement
Oak wood furniture displays a unique type of grain movement which really makes it stand out.

- Charm
Antique oak furniture can effortlessly stand out, no matter what kind of decor with which it is matched. It can even be included within the sleek modernity of contemporary homes. There is always a place for oak furniture!

These are just a few examples of the many qualities that make antique oak furniture so elegantly classic. Amongst our versatile collection, Arcadia Antiques is home to a superb variety of antique oak furniture. Browse through our website to admire the available options.

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