What makes antique oak furniture stand out?

Antique oak furniture apart from being very attractive and appealing is very durable too. The quality of oak is its strength, which makes it a robust furniture option even in antiques.
Many antique oak furniture items are of darker tone which tend to carry a more formal feel. It is, however, a common misconception that antique oak Furniture is only available in darker shades. You can also find furniture from pale limed oak, light golden oak to your very dark shades.
Oak furniture is readily available as antiques. Its modern furniture counterparts tend to be made from softer, cheaper and quicker growing woods. Oak is a hard, solid, very versatile, durable and therefore was and still is favourable with craftsmen. These very attributes of the wood have helped it withstand the test of time and the pieces available today are equally robust and durable. Solid oak furniture continues to last for generations and has been passed down as family heirlooms, which often make them priceless.
Oak is one of the most versatile hardwoods with its grain, texture and tone. Meaning this wood type will suit a wide variety of decorative themes. Add to these attributes the fact that these are antiques; the classic appeal remains unmatched!
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