What are Antique Settles?

An antique settle is a wonderful piece of antique English furniture which was traditionally made in oak and other local wood varieties. In simple terms, it is a wooden bench with open arms and a high back.
These beautiful pieces originate back to the early 17th Century. The construction back then was fairly simple with clout nails or pegs along with simple carvings. They were more or less an adaptation of the joint chair, which was extended to fit more people on them.
Antique settles are full of character and were a common feature in pubs, taverns or working farmhouses. With a very rustic appearance and the most amazing charm about them. Antique settles evolved with time and saw quite a few changes and variations. Some, for example, featured a lift up seat with internal storage. This was ideal to store shoes and other items of everyday use.
If you are looking for something unique and an antique, these settles make a great option. We have a good selection of antique settles in our collection, and each and every piece is unique.
Buying an antique settle requires careful consideration to the design theme of your space. Since they are all unique, randomly incorporating them into your decor might not be as impactful as you would want it to be.
Options such as this 19th Century Swedish empire settle bench. This is a beautiful piece with just the right amount of decorative detailing that will make it an easy fit in a modern decor theme with lighter colour tones.
Or there are Austrian examples that are quite different in style. Have a look at this Original painted Austrian primitive settle. This is very simple yet quite unique and elegant - making quite a statement.
A Country House Settle such as this wonderful 17th Century carved and naturally pale option has a lovely warm finish and great presence with its raised back.
There are a more options like these, all totally different. Browse through our Antique Seating page to have a look.

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