Using Antique Zinc Buckets In Creative Ways

Want to bring in some industrial chic into your decor? A great way to include this is with some vintage pieces from farming, industry, or manufacturing - and we have the perfect solution in our collection! Check out these Early 20th Century Zinc Buckets, and we have quite a few available with us which can be used most innovatively in your home.
Such rustic buckets and planters have come way beyond their simple intended use to include countless creative uses in and outside contemporary homes. These are sturdy and durable and can be used in versatile ways in the home and garden. Here are a few fun and creative ways in which you can use these in your home:
The way these buckets look, these will work beautifully as planters in your garden. A very rustic and charming inclusion that will draw the eye!

It is now fashionable to be repurposing items in fun and innovative ways, and these buckets can also be used as an interesting form of storage. Right from your linen, to newspapers or books, kitchen items, umbrellas or shoes or even your kid's toys, let your creative ideas flow!

Ice Tubs
The run of the mill ice bucket is so passé. Why not convert these buckets into your very own wine or champagne buckets? How charming will these look? And especially for your outdoor parties, these are just perfect.

Floral Arrangements
Get a bucket and make it into a beautiful accessory for a bunch of flowers.

These are just some ideas to help get you started. The possibilities are, however, limitless. Visit us to get your pick!

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