Using an Antique Painted Mirror to Add Style and Elegance

Using an antique painted mirror will add style and elegance to a room.
Mirrors make one of the best decorative elements in the decor of a room. These are good for their form and also are very functional.
There are many who strategically use the mirror in the decor to open up the space and make it look bigger. In rooms that lack light, the mirror can be cleverly used to brighten up the space by reflecting light. And apart from this, needless to say, mirrors make one of the most essential elements in any home.
If using as a decorative element, the antique mirror stands a class apart. The antique mirror, in whichever form, make a very aesthetically appealing inclusion in the contemporary decor. These are ornate and elegant and give the decor a completely different look with the air of history surrounding them. The very ornate ones have a mysterious appeal and look dramatic.
The antique mirrors however can be in monotone of all shades brown. If you love the look and feel of antiques but with a modern twist, antique painted mirrors are what you need. These can look bright and beautiful and suit well in the contemporary decor. Often a lick of paint can add a slightly modern touch to your antique mirror, the elegance and aesthetic appeal of the olden times remains intact and can add a good dose of style to the contemporary decor.
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