Try our customized 'antique' painted furniture to add a brighter feeling to a room

The antique furniture items such as the tables, armoires and chests usually have the same 'brown furniture' look. No doubt the antique items have this historic charm coupled with beautiful designs, artistic carvings and the amazing patina, but too much of these dark coloured furniture can appear to be a bit dull at times.
So for those who want to have the antique charm but still infuse some overall colour to their place, antique painted antique furniture can be the answer. Painted furniture is usually a lighter cream or grey colour and can be a welcome change from 'brown furniture' and can bring a refreshing vibe while at the same time it still has the antiques affect.
If you cannot find the antique painted furniture of your choice whrtn we have the anser! We build bespoke 'antique' painted furniture!  Yes, here at Arcadia Antiques amongst all the beautiful antiques we also design and build custom built furniture to meet your requirements of specific colours as well as dimensions. Why not consider our offer to build you some custom built furniture. We do our best to ensure that the pieces that go out of our workshop will remain as eternal as the real ones that have seen centuries and with the same kind of antique exuberance.


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