Tips for Buying Antique shelves

Antique shelves can make wonderful addition to today's home  be it for displaying or storing. At Arcadia antiques we have a wide selection of antique shelves. If you are planning to acquire one here are a few tips to help you select the right option.

  • There are different types available like the free standing ones and the wall mounted ones in different structures and capacities. You can choose your option depending on your purpose. For instance if you are looking at a shelf for utility purpose, the freestanding ones make a good option as they are spacious with either multiple long shelves or square cubes to better organize your stuff. These have a decent amount of storage capacity. For use as a complete display unit to display your prized possessions, the smaller two or three tier options are the best. Choosing the right one to suit your needs is important in order to maximize your storage.
  • At Arcadia we specialise in antique painted furniture, so if you are looking for an antique shelf with a twist, you can always choose to repaint a piece to fit in well in the modern home.
  • A good shelf in an eye catching colour can serve as a divider too to help break up a room into smaller spaces.
  • Wall mounted shelves are the best means to optimally utilize a small amount of space. Wall mounted storage leaves the floor free for you thus making the place look a little less cluttered.
  • And since it is antique shelves that we are talking about knowing a little bit about the origin and style is always good as it will help you ascertain the value well.
  • Have a look at any minor or major restoration or replacements done as it has some impact on the valuation of the piece.

These antique shelves find their place anywhere from the kitchen to the bathrooms to the living rooms. With antique shelves to help you with your storage, even your open storage can look stylish and bring in a different kind of personality to the home. These shelves can be repurposed in different ways. Have a look at the options to use creatively in the modern homes.

A typical option is this large 19th century set of shelves from a chemist shop. 1860 which is 104 inches (264 cms) wide, 14 inches (36 cms) deep and 70.5 inches (179 cms) high

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