Thinking Rustic Décor? Head to Arcadia Antiques

Rustic decor is often a perfect marriage between different design elements. There may be items or design styles that you usually wouldn’t have thought to put together, but once combined in a rustic theme they can complement each other to form a beautiful ensemble.

What are the elements that make a good rustic décor? It is where sturdy meets soft, where pieces from the old world meet industrial metal, where reclaimed wood is put to good use, and where the colour palette is often on the neutral side and meets natural light. A hint of rough edges, plenty of natural fabrics, and interesting accents of muted colours is what you will often find here. All of these different design elements come together beautifully to form a rustic decor, a timeless design trend that never will go out of style.

Take this 19th century chunky oak and sycamore primitive coffee table for instance. A beautiful sycamore finish, this rustic table shows off its rough edges with oodles of charm! And if you are looking for something on the lines of industrial décor, we have some stunning options in that style as well.
If you are thinking rustic, we have plenty of antique tables available in store for you. And the best part? We can always provide you with customised furniture exactly as per your requirements. Visit our website to have a look at the options.

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