Things to Know Before Buying Antique Oak Furniture

Antique oak furniture mixes easily with furniture made from other types of wood and can make a fantastic addition to any home. But before you jump straight in and buy some antique oak furniture, there are a few things to keep in mind which will help ensure you come away with the perfect piece. Having a good understanding of the properties of oak will allow you to separate the great from the not-so-great. For starters, oak wood furniture will naturally darken over time. This doesn’t mean you should be looking out for furniture as dark as walnut or mahogany, but if the oak piece you are looking at is still very lightly coloured, it may not be as old as you think. Another thing to remember is that oak is heavy when compared to many other types of wood, as well as some modern furniture that has been created to look antique. Of course, if you choose a legitimate dealer to buy from, you won’t have to worry about modern items being passed off as antiques.
Oak wood furniture comes in hundreds of thousands of different designs. It can get a little overwhelming when trying to choose the right design for you. The best way is to spend time with all the designs that you might like so that you are well acquainted with them, and then see which one your heart is set on. Make a shortlist before buying to narrow down your choices.
Do not be afraid to ask questions about the history of the furniture you are looking to buy - the era it’s from, its provenance, etc. A legitimate dealer should be able to provide you with much of this information.
Antique oak wood furniture is one of the best investments you will ever make. It is sturdy, strong, durable, and yet extremely pretty. Being wood, it is also easy to clean. So, it’s a win-win!

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