The Versatile Swedish Stools

There are certain antique furniture pieces that are enduring favourites, bound to be loved and appreciated long after the trends pass. Antique stools are amongst these alluring pieces from the past. They are small yet packed with decorative potential. Antique stools are typically not imposing yet benefit from versatility in the ways that they can be used. They are never richly ornate but come with a zing that is full of charm and character like no other. You can just leave them as they are or dress them up to create a decorative addition to any room, it doesn’t matter what style you choose, the appeal is bound to shine!

At Arcadia Antiques, we have a selection from the world of Swedish Antiques.Have a look at this subtle yet charming 19th century Swedish Gustavian style carved stool. Although the seat is in need of upholstery, the overall appeal and potential is clear to see.

We also have this stunning pair of late 19th century Gustavian style stools. These show subtle signs of age which only adds to their antique appeal.

There are a number of other antique furniture options from different style zones and periods. Get in touch with us to set an appointment to visit or have a look at these on our website.

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