Take a look at this gorgeous Linen Press from the 18th Century

A linen press is a linen cupboard similar in size and stature to a regular cupboard or armoire. Traditionally these were used to store the household linen. These are believed to have come about somewhere during the 17th, or the 18th century. Examples of these were found throughout Europe and the US during this time.

The linen press that we have in our collection at Arcadia Antiques is stunningly large, 18th Century, painted and of Dutch oak. This still retains its stunning architectural form. When looking at a piece as pretty as this, you may be wondering why were these pieces of such mundane and practical use were made to look so good?

The simple answer to this is a portrayal of wealth and status. Like any other furniture piece that was in the home, it was an important display of wealth. A linen press was no different, often placed in lain view in the corner of the dining room amongst the other beautiful items of display.

Our stunning oak linen press is a beautiful option for your home with good storage space at the top and 3 large drawers underneath. This beautiful piece is equal pretty as it is functional. Follow the link above to have a look at some more pictures and details of this piece.

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