Swedish Decorative Door

Making good use of old doors or reusing reclaimed wood can add heaps of character to your home. If you can locate a rustic and charming antique door, there are innovative ways in which these can be appealingly added to your decor.
We have a charming 19th Century Swedish door in our collection that still beautifully retains its original weathered paint. Furniture pieces like this one can be used in creative ways in contemporary homes to bring in a country-like feel.
Similar antique doors have been used in the modern decor in a number of versatile ways different from its intended purpose. While some have beautifully repurposed these as headboards, there have been instances of these wooden doors being turned into dining tables as well, maybe with a glass or resin top. These can also replace regular sliding doors to look elegant and appealing. The possibilities are endless if you think out of the box! There is nothing better than the clever inclusion of some antique decorative charm into a new space.
We have quite a few decorative options in our collection. Visit our website to have a look.

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