See our collection of industrial antiques

At Arcadia Antiques, we have quite a few classic looking, antique industrial furniture options.

Industrial decor is best described as tough design and detailing that has a raw appeal to it. This style for a room or space means the use of metal, exposed brickwork, and cabling etc. that might usually be concealed.

This style is more about the raw look of a space with furniture that complements it. The design is the complete opposite of a theme that is carefully manicured with matching pieces and lots of bright colours. The use of colours is next to nothing and the styling absolutely minimal. This is the kind of decor that shouts out raw and rough.

Industrial design style has never lost its appeal; thus the antique world also has a lot to offer. There are many different furniture options available at Arcadia Antiques that have an industrial look and will suit this decor style well if you are aiming to create such a space.

In our collection we have antique industrial metal benches, metal stools, tables etc. amongst our range of antiques.

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