Scottish bleached oak country house bookcase

The furniture from the Georgian and the Victorian and other such eras was all about flamboyancy. The lavish lifestyles of this era meant furniture that was made to impress. Beautiful pieces with beautiful carvings were usually created to show off the riches of the elite. Bookcases crafted out of quality materials were at the forefront amongst such flamboyant furniture items.
Here at Arcadia Antiques amongst our fine collection of furniture we have some good examples of antique bookcases too!
Even in the contemporary settings bookcases have a habit of instantly being the focal points since they stand out. For instance we have this pretty 19th century Scottish bleached oak country house bookcase. With simple lines and subtle elegance, this particular piece can add charm and style to any decor. It is simple and elegant appearance wise.
Antique bookcases provide a good versatility of use. These can be used as intended or also as display cabinets to display and protect your prized collections. See our full range of antique bookcases

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