Mixing and matching for an arty appeal

From interior decorators to the industrious DIY enthusiast we are always looking out for something different to do with interiors. Amongst all the transitional styles of decorating, incorporating different styles is usually always a good option. Achieving a good balance with these styles gives it an edge. An overall balance and proportion is necessary in terms of the colour schemes used, textures and shapes applied and most importantly the styles incorporated.
Achieving a cohesive style does not mean balance in terms of having everything equal to the other. You can always go for one particular dominant style and infuse bits and pieces of the other style making them the statement pieces.
Having a balanced décor is always better because if you consider decorating with antiques, having only antiques in today’s times will make your décor look like a museum in some cases and on the other hand ultra modern décor might lack warmth and a welcoming appeal. Incorporating both in harmony will give something that is quite unique rather than a confused display.
Keeping it simple is also a key element since too much of something will simply take it from chic and stylish to cluttered and drab. Since antiques are usually in monotones, infusing the place with some unexpected colours will often liven up and area. Bold upholstery and soft furnishings can do this job fairly easily.
Basically it is all about striking the right sense of balance by incorporating the best of both the worlds. Choosing one dominant style and incorporating pieces from the other style like decorative accents will give it an edge while also adding an element of difference.

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