Mirrors from the World of French Antiques

French Antiques feature a vast range of styles - from rustic country décor and furniture to opulent styles inspired by castles and royalty. From very simple and homey to rich and ornate and everything in between, French décor and design has it all. The farmhouse style for instance is more representative of countryside houses with elements that are more natural and have a raw appeal. The use of wood is prominent and often in lighter tones.

Then there is French provincial style that typically exhibits a warm and friendly appearance. This style refers to the rural side of France from the olden times. It is associated with the Provence region of France which was known for its elegant furniture, distinctive patterns and earthy colours. We have many different mirrors of French origin available. From slightly ornate mirrors to farmhouse mirrors as well as industrial styles.

The French château style takes inspiration from the ancient castles belonging to the French nobles. As you’d expect from the inspiration, the decoration often shows off richness with very ornate furniture and decorative pieces. Crystal chandeliers, portraits, paintings and luxurious mirrors were just some of the pieces that stood out. We have this wonderful huge French château mirror with glass from the 19th century. This beautiful mirror makes one part of a trio.

We have many more such mirrors in our collection. Have a look at the gorgeous variety of mirrors from the world of French antiques, window mirrors, industrial mirrors and more.

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