Latest In: French Drapers Tables

Have you had the opportunity to look at our latest stock yet? An interesting type of furniture that features in our collection of versatile antiques are French Drapers tables. During days gone by, these were an essential piece of furniture in a cloth merchant's shop.

Check out this great looking large custom-made French style drapers table that has been made from old components. Over-sized tables like this one were used by seamstresses to unfurl, cut and measure long swaths of fabric. If you think of its current utility, it will make a great work table or a dining table with its sturdy six legs and a rustic and worn finish that looks absolutely authentic.

A unique kitchen island can be a possibility in the form of this 19th century two tier drapers table. Plenty of workspace and a handy shelf at the bottom makes it quite the functional piece of furniture.

Draper tables like these make a perfect choice for stylish storage and can be put up against empty walls to create a beautiful statement piece and a surface for decorative accessories.

Amongst the latest acquisitions at Arcadia Antiques, we have a wonderful variety of decorative Antiques, French antique furniture, pine antiques, country furniture, decorative painted furniture and a lot more.

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