Introducing the French Drapers Table

The French Drapers Table was a common feature in the cloth merchant’s shops in the days of old.

These tables came with an abundant surface area which was perfect for unfurling and cutting long swaths of fabric. Some pieces came with drawers underneath the table top that provided ample space for cutting tools such as shears, snips, and scissors. The lower level shelf provided plenty of space for storing additional fabrics.     
In modern homes these generously sized tables can be used for display as a console or hall table. They also work very well as a stunning kitchen island or serving table. These tables have a very rich and warm patina making them an inclusion that is full of charm and character.

We have a few good new options in our stock at Arcadia Antiques. This late 19th Century French drapers table is a great option for any contemporary decor.  This simple yet elegant painted option can make a very functional inclusion with its drawers providing extra storage space. The subtle colour tone ensures that it fits in seamlessly into any decor and does not look out of place.

Another interesting option is this Grey Drapers Table which is another painted version from the 19th century.

Draper tables are the perfect choice for some stylish storage. These can also be put up against empty walls to create a beautiful display unit with your prized possessions which will make a great focal point in your home. These are much more elegant and practical than other modern mass produced tables.

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