Have A Custoom Built Potboard Server

The potboard server is quite often one of the most invaluable inclusions to any dining setting or kitchen. The name ‘server’ is often used interchangeably with buffets or cabinets. While the buffets and cabinets usually tend to be fairly large and land up taking a lot of space of your dining room and dominate it with their presence, the servers are usually smaller than the buffets and have a more formal look to them. These compact pieces become one of the most essential items for storage and display.
For storage uses the potboard server  has plenty on the lower and upper levels and also large drawers.
Whilst the potboard server shown is a good 71 inches wide with drawers at the top and a shelf below, we can build the painted server to suit your own requirements. So any size , wood material (although most potboard servers are of pine) and colours of your choice. We can help make sure that your server perfectly complements its surroundings including any dining table and chairs and go well with the theme of your dining room or kitchen. Get your server custom made for your dining room or kitchen to go with the classic or the contemporary feel.

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