French Trestle Tables

Right from its very humble beginnings, the trestle table remained as the most common type of table right up to the 16th century, and is often spotted in homes today as well! If you are looking for the rustic appeal of an antique but sans all the ornate and classic look fuss, at Arcadia Antiques, we have a beautiful collection of Trestle tables. There are quite a few in our new collection of antiques and these are mostly long and narrow 19th Century French scrubbed trestle tables in unique shapes and sizes. These are simple and rustic in appearance and will fit effortlessly into modern decor as well.
This antique table would make a great fit in your kitchen used as a serving table or placed along a wall in a hall or a dining room as a sideboard or a dining table. You could even utilise it in an orangery, or against a window to show off your decorative treasures. The possibilities with this one are endless, and what's more the simple, attractive style means that this antique will fit into any theme, old, new, classic, or contemporary.  
Check out the pictures to get a better idea! We have an excellent selection of antique trestle tables, English, French, and of various shapes, sizes and colours. Have a browse through our extensive selection.

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