French Painted Buffet

Antique buffet tables are widely available. But very rarely do we come across a unique buffet like this French antique we have recently acquired. If you want to include an attractive antique element in your space that is smaller in size unlike many typical antique pieces, yet equally impactful, check out this gorgeous antique French Painted Buffet.
This painted buffet from the late 19th century is a sight to behold. While most antique buffets are long and of bigger proportions, this compact example with its beautiful top and ornate detailing stands out completely. The small size also allows you to play around with how it can be incorporated into your home.
You could consider altering the colour as per your own liking to ensure that it is a seamless fit in your decor. If you want to change its look with a brighter hue, why not? We can give it a makeover to your liking. We also provide custom-built antique-looking furniture in the required sizes and colour schemes. Visit us to have a look at the options.

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