French Oak Enfilades

The traditional long and lesser in height French Buffets are called the enfilades and these enfilades are usually characterized by four or more cupboard doors which is almost a prerequisite for it to be enfilade. These traditional antique enfilades were initially more often used in the dining rooms for different purposes.

Latest in stock at Arcadia Antiques is a pair of beautiful early 19th century French oak enfilades. Though these enfilades are two individual items and not completely identical, they are quite similar dimension wise and will work very well as a pair when polished in similar tones.

While traditionally the enfilades were often seen more in the dining rooms or kitchens, these have now acquired some very versatile uses. Other than being beautiful to look at and relatively easy to blend into the décor, these enfilades are also quite practical and can be put to good use.

Apart from the dining room uses, more and more people are using the enfilades in the bedrooms or in the living rooms as well. These enfilades are good and sturdy options to hold the television sets and provide good storage underneath for the other gadgets. Since they have a good amount of storage space these again come in handy to store a lot of stuff.
These are also used as dressers or simply to hold your cherished pictures and photo frames. These enfilades also make a good option for beautifully displaying things, be it books, frames or objets d’art.

In the hallways, family rooms or libraries, no matter where you put these enfilades they will look good but will also be functional.

Well worth considering for your home

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