Decorating with Floor Standing Antique Mirrors

Mirrors are a wonderful addition to any room which add to the space by making it feel larger than it actually is, as well as bringing brightness and a sense of positivity.
And while one mirror is a fantastic feature, two mirrors are even better. A standing pair of mirrors by the window will definitely do wonders in terms of natural lighting inside your house.
The lighting of your house can actually help to determine where your mirrors should be placed. A pair of standing mirrors can be placed next to each other or on the opposite end, positioned in such a way that distributes the light to every part of the room. If you are short of space and a standing mirror just won’t fit, but you still want to enjoy the benefits of a mirror, you can even clip a full-length mirror to your door. Just make sure that your door is strong enough to take the weight of the mirror.

In terms of types of mirrors, full length standing mirrors with an arched can make the room feel more high-end and luxurious when matched with the right furniture. Whereas a simple rectangular framed mirror is easier to pair with different kinds of furniture and looks great placed anywhere within your home.
Whichever kind of mirror you opt for, we’re confident it will make for a fabulous addition to whatever room you choose to utilise it in. You can look at yourself day in and day out and fall in love with yourself while the mirror does its job of making the room look brighter, lighter, more positive and happier. At Arcadia Antiques we have some classic pairs that might interest you. Browse through to have a look.

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