Decorating with Antique Painted Commodes

The word "commode" in the olden context isn’t what we refer to as in the present one! In an antique context, commodes were beautifully carved and designed chests of drawers or sideboards. These have a wonderful decorative potential and can make a beautiful inclusion in the modern home if you are looking for a statement piece. Decorating with antique commodes can be both challenging and fun.
Antique commodes were initially used as bedside tables. We still have a lot of scope to use these commodes in our bedrooms. Most antique commodes, like a majority of antique furniture, were made of dark wood, which could make it tricky to incorporate into modern decor. This could mean having a pastel overall colour palette or using soft furnishings that could be soft and light to the eye.
In our collection, though, we have a good mix of original as well as painted antique commodes which are a relatively easy fit in modern decor.

Apart from its use in the bedroom, an antique commode could also have a basin on top, which means it can still be used in the bathroom. The lower drawers or cabinets can be used to store the essentials. You could even attach an antique oval mirror to the back of the cabinet.
Antique commodes offer a wide range of creative possibilities that are just waiting to be unleashed. Make sure you have the size and colours right before getting an antique commode so as not to detract from its beauty, but rather complement it with other furniture.

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