Custom Built Antiques Or Decorative Furniture

Often that antique or decorative furniture item you specifically require is just not available. Maybe the colour is not as per your choice, the size is not right or you like the look and feel but the shape just doesn’t fit etc. In which case look no further! Why not think of getting what you want customised as per your choice?

Customisation will give you just the right kind of furniture to meet your requirements. Sometimes tailor made furniture is what you need in order to complete the look of your decor. We can create what you want as per your specifications after a careful understanding of your requirements including size and other constraints.

Even when it comes to antiques, custom built items are a possibility now using other antique furniture to build your custom built item of furniture.

Do not forget to check out our website for our wide range of custom built furniture. At Arcadia Antiques we have skilled craftsmen available who can create artistic antique looking furniture with fine detailing at affordable costs and they are able to recreate the look and feel of the timeless elegance

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