Console Tables

Belonging to the French Furniture designs of the 1700s, the console table is still a strong favourite amongst the many different kinds of antique furniture options. These beautiful pieces of furniture help bring in that soulful antique tone to the modern homes. The intricately carved and highly ornate pieces were designed for great galleries and spacious apartments. These were often used to display decorative items such as porcelain vases and such. The 17th century saw a lot of ornate items which were usually found in the wealthy homes but as the designs evolved over the period of time these console tables sought entry into common homes too.
The console tables typically feature a half moon shape. Initially these were two legged with a bracket known as the console used to fix the table against the wall making it appear freestanding. These were later replaced with four legs making these tables not only decorative but more functional too. The 17th century Italian console tables were very good looking pieces of art made mainly for the decorative purposes. These featured beautiful intricate carvings making them very elegant and flamboyant.
The French continued the fashion of these console tables but with frequent alterations and changes. They changed the legs by giving them an inward curved modification joined by a stretcher. They made these tables in pairs which usually came with matching mirrors featuring the Rococo style. After France this trend continued in England and parts of Europe too.
In the modern homes you are more likely to find these pretty things in the entryways creating a space that is more welcoming and chic. With the added advantage of these now being freestanding, they can be put to versatile uses in the modern homes.   
More recently console tables have also come in less ornate styles to suit the more contemporary environment. For example see our

Early 19thC painted demi lune console tables. 1830
  Early 19thC painted demi lune console tables. 1830

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