Classic and Opulent French mirrors

When we think French antique mirrors the first thing that comes to mind is ornate and beautiful! While opulence, large proportions, and rich ornate gilt carvings are what you may expect, there are also many simpler ones which have less lavish mouldings, and geometric features that add to the beauty of the mirrors and the space in which they are incorporated. With French mirrors, you can expect columns, hand bevelled designs as well as panelling alongside rich ornate frames or gilded decorative crests.

At Arcadia Antiques, amongst our huge stock of antique furniture, we have also gathered a classic collection of beautiful French antique mirrors. All these mirrors are one of a kind and will offer a charming presence in your decor. Roughened over time, these are bound to make an elegant inclusion in any kind of setting or theme.

Visit our website to have a look at the beautiful options. As well as our French mirrors we also have a classic collection of Italian and Swedish mirrors, so we’re confident you’ll find the perfect mirror.

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