Check out our large stock of uniquely charming Antique Draper Tables

Dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries, French Draper’s Tables were commonly used in cloth merchant shops. The tables provided the perfect surface area for unfurling and cutting long swathes of fabric.
At Arcadia Antiques, we have an extremely versatile selection of these wonderful drapers’ tables from the fascinating world of French antiques. Today, these timeless pieces of furniture can be put to a whole range of practical uses. Most have a lower level shelf that was initially used for storing additional fabrics. Some have even been made with drawers beneath the table top, providing further ample storage space.
Integrated into modern day decor, you could use a French antique draper’s table as a display, console or hall table - or even as a beautiful kitchen island or serving table. The classy options we have in stock at Arcadia Antiques could be used for any number of functions in the home.
Here are our top 5 picks from amongst the many that we have in store for you, each one portraying a unique design style and colour tone.
1.     This late 19th Century French Draper’s Table is a great option for the modern home, with its subtle colour tone and classic design.
2.     This Small 19th Century French Painted Pine Draper’s Table, with its original old grey paint is another of our top selections.
3.     This wonderful 18th Century French Bleached Oak Draper’s Table is unfussy,  with clean lines and a soft colour tone. Its appeal lies in the shape of its curved legs.
4.     This Custom Built French Cabriole Leg Draper’s Table with 3 drawers is a complete one-off, with its turned feet providing a special decorative appearance.
5.     This large 18th Century French Walnut Draper’s Table is a true classic – that deep rich colour tone giving real authority.
Drapers’ tables make beautiful display units and at the same time offer stylish storage options. Their unique appearance can also add a great focal point to your home. These suggestions are here to give you ideas amongst the many that we have in our collection. Browse through our website to have a look through our wonderful selection.

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