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No nook or cranny in your home should go without a dash of style. If you want to store or display your stuff creatively, ditch those run-of-the-mill storage options and, instead, turn your attention to pretty cast iron antique racks and shelves.

There are many different options that would look perfect up against a wall or even fit snugly into smaller spaces. These racks and shelves provide handy storage space and enough room to display your decorative accessories and prized possessions - not in a shy way but a chic way!

Antique racks come with a healthy dose of panache, creating clutter-free space for all kinds of storage.

Our collection at Arcadia Antiques includes a selection of attractive antique shelves, antique racks, hanging bookshelves of antique country pine, as well as other interesting antique pine furniture items.

Take a look at this interesting 19th Century Scottish Mahogany deed rack. A classic piece with 8 neatly divided shelves to hold your treasured items or display your accessories. We also have this very ornate looking rack in our collection; it is a French brass and iron Patisserie rack from the 1920s – and would make an elegantly decorative looking inclusion for your home.

And don’t forget your footwear! Our collection of wonderful looking antique shoe racks could provide a perfect resting place. Browse through the category for more details about all our currently available pieces.

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