Bookcases and Display Cabinet Shelving

Antique bookcases and display cabinets effortlessly add style and charm to a setting. In addition to being ideal storage furniture bookshelves and display cabinets are also visually very appealing.
Bookcases usually come with horizontal shelves and maybe open at the front or have glass doors to protect the books. Bookcases go a long way back to the early days when private libraries started appearing in the Roman times. Oak and pine bookcases were considered to be the most elegant options for these libraries and over the years these bookcases were often seen in the homes as well. Now days these bookcases have transpired as an interesting form of a decorative furniture item that can beautifully be put to multiple functional uses.
The beauty of incorporating the antique bookcases or the display cabinets in the home decor is the versatility of ways in which you can change the way they appear. The display cabinets maybe wall mounted or free standing. At Arcadia Antiques you will find a great collection of such freestanding bookcases and display cabinets in different wood options.
The bookcases and display cabinets also give you the freedom to play around with the decorating options. Filling up a bookcase or a display cabinet with pictures or ornaments and or as well as books works well, as does the installation of display lighting.
The larger bookcases and display cabinets can also be considered ideal for covering up unsightly areas of wall … or even, as in the past a secret doorway! They can provide a partition to create a separated area or be positioned to put some of the previously unused spaces to good use. These unused spaces can be anything from empty walls in the dining room to an extra wide hallway with nothing appealing and welcoming in it. Incorporating shelves or cabinets here will not only fill out the places in a beautiful manner but will also turn out to be functional and charming.

A good example of a display cabinet with bookshelves is the Glazed Library Bookcase on that is a mid 19th century bleached oak glazed library bookcase. Dated 1850.

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