Art Deco: A visual Art Design Style

Most of us know the art deco furniture style that  was popular during the early 19th century. It flourished in the UK during the 1920s and the US saw a lot of beautiful art deco pieces during the 1930s. The art deco style is basically an amalgamation of various different popular period styles and saw the use of a variety of different everyday as well as exotic materials. The focal point of art deco is the use of traditional aspects of design with the help of modern techniques to create perfect decorative items. It sees a blend of the traditional motifs with the modern day imagery and materials, making the outcome very eclectic.
The outcome of the use of these modern with the traditional techniques was furniture items whose beauty was in their designs made with utmost precision.
The art deco furniture flourished more during a time of prosperity and well being and hence the focus was more on luxury items. The sofas and chairs were thus in cheerful colours, rare wood and rich leather and other furniture items such as desks and chests also benefited.
At Arcadia antiques we have a few fine examples of the Art deco period pieces such as this beautiful pair of art deco club chairs that we have here in their unrestored form. This beautiful pair of 1920s chairs is a true classic of the time and with a bit of restoration will look beautiful in the contemporary homes as well. Apart from this pair we also have a few other interesting items such as art deco folding screens and mirrors.

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