Are Armoires Outdated?

Rustic, classic, simple, decorative, painted or stripped raw, armoires or corner cupboards, you name it and we have it right here in our collection at Arcadia Antiques. Magnificent antique armoires and classic antique cupboards have always been dominating pieces of furniture in aristocratic homes of the past and they can be equally as effective in modern spaces too.
Armoires were a staple in traditional homes and were predominantly used for storage of linen and clothing. Initially chests were the common form of storage but the functionality and the height provided by these offered a much more practical and useful solution before the advent of closets. Armoires have evolved over the years and with every evolution a new functional aspect was added to it. Some of the shelves were replaced by drawers and the combination of shelves and drawers became the preferred choice of storage, almost eliminating chests altogether.

Fast forward to the present day, the size and bulkiness of traditional wardrobes and armoires isn’t quite to everybody’s taste, with many preferring slimmer and more compact storage solutions. However, trends are changing and these fantastic pieces can be utilised in so many fantastic ways. Going back to their roots, an armoire is still a wonderful storage piece. Not only for clothing but also for other household items such as games and hobbies. It could also serve other purposes, for example in a mudroom to place children’s bags, books, coats, toys or shoes.

Armoires from the world of antiques can be absolutely charming with their wonderful colours and intricate designs giving you an instant focal point. We have quite a few 18th and 19th century antique pieces in our collection here at Arcadia Antiques. Visit the website to have a look at these rare antique pieces.

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