Antique Windsor Chairs

Antique chairs play a major role in the décor of your home. Your chairs must match and complement the room and at the same time be equally functional. Comfort and uniqueness should be mainly considered while you design your home. So when extending this uniqueness to the seating in your home you might want to consider antique chairs for your décor to blend into the room interior to give that unique edge.
There are quite a few types of antique chairs available. It is the unique designs of antique chairs that are the defining characteristics of their origins. The antique Windsor chairs are one such type. These chairs first originated somewhere in the late 17th or the early 18th century in the English town of Windsor. These Windsor chairs typically feature a slightly reclined back and a number of spindles that go right down to the seat. The Windsor chairs

that gained more popularity were however the American versions which took the English designs a step further and made them even better.
The Windsor chairs were made from a combination of woods such as pine, oak and maple. There are also old painted versions available even now. The designs are simple yet elegant with their oval seats and spindles. A good Windsor chair features a perfect blend of grace and durability.
Here we have a few good examples of 18th century Windsor chairs in matched sets. All the available chairs are in good condition with rich colours and will look great in any environment. Browse our site to see our Windsor chairs.

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