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Most antiques are a good inclusion in the today'Included in the list of suitable antiques are antique stools and benches. Although these are not very great in terms of utility in the current times, antique stools make a charming and sophisticated addition as decorative accents here and there. These can be put to use as side tables, plant stands, for seating, displaying certain artefacts etc or as a substitute in place of the larger occasional tables.
Antique stools were one of the earliest forms of seating furniture before the introduction of chairs. The medieval times especially saw a considerable use of stools for seating purposes. The Egyptians were the first to introduce foot stools to help get on to the high seated chairs or to rest the feet while sitting on such chairs. Apart from these the other very common forms were the piano stools, dressing table stools, kitchen stools etc.
Your choice of stools will largely depend on your purpose of buying the same. If you are looking at it as a decorative accent, upholstered stools will be of no use. You can go for the pairs of stools if you are going to use these as bedside tables or something similar. As is true with any other form of antiques, the antique stool designs also vary a great deal according to the period that they belong to. So here is a bit about the styles of the different period that you can get to know about before buying your antique stools.
The Victorian period for instance saw a decent influence of the gothic and rococo trends. You will find pieces from this period in dark hard woods with some elements of wrought iron incorporated in the designs. The piano stools were quite famous during this period and you will find piano stools in beech, oak, mahogany or walnut. Piano stools came in different forms such as four-claw foot piano stool, swivel piano stools, double-seated variety etc.
The designs prevalent during the reign of King Louis XIII in France, were very simple in nature as compared to those of his successor Loius XIV. The designs and extravagance of its appearance changed quite a bit with every successor and depended a lot on the political environment prevailing during the time.
Curved lines, cushioned seats, flowing floral design and cabriole legs were characteristic features of the French designs. Pastel shades for the upholstery were quite dominant. If you are looking for something simple, pieces from the Arts and Crafts period which was prevalent during the late 19th and the early 20th century is the best to choose from. Minimalist designs and clean and simple lines were typical during this time. The Chippendale period during the 17th century show traces of the Gothic, Neoclassical and Rococo styles. The designs of the time were quite elaborate and classic. Window stools were also quite famous during the time.
An antique stool can easily complement the contemporary decor no matter what style and makes a good decorative inclusion. While shopping for antique stools like any other antiques, care should be taken when it comes to authenticity of products since there are a number of fake reproductions in the markets.

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