Antique Shelves for Shop Displays

Shelves and racks always come in handy when it comes to storage. If they are a little stylish, they add to the décor very well as well as being used for the display of products without cluttering the place. At Arcadia Antiques we always have a good collection of antique shelves and racks, antique hanging bookshelves, and other antique furniture items that can add wonderfully to your décor both aesthetically and in the most functional way.

If you want to add a dash of style to your shop, and at the same time have a creative display of your products, ditch those run-of-the-mill storage options and, instead, turn your attention to the pretty antique racks and shelves that we have available.
Here are a couple of the options that we have in store for you:
This large 19th century French bakers rack is a wonderful item of interest in large proportions and fantastic decorative detail.
Then we have this interesting 19th Century Scottish bleached oak deed rack. This classic piece is huge and its neatly divided shelves are perfect to stack up your products or display them proudly.
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