Antique Oak Commodes

Antique commodes are chest of drawers. There is some confusion with the word having two meanings, in terms of antiques, the word commode describes a chest of drawers.
Commodes first came into being in the 18th century in France. These were always quite decorative and functional. A French commode typically is a short and wide chest of drawers with a curved or convex front and a flat back that went against the wall. The decorations were usually quite elaborate and the chests always came with cabriole legs or short feet. In the later years the shape of these commodes became more rectilinear and the short legs were replaced with straighter legs. Some of the earlier examples of commode also often came with a marble slab top adding to its elegance. Some examples also came with mirrors.
Commodes tended to be functional and provided convenient storage with additional surface on top for placing items. This made a very handy piece of furniture during the 18th century due to its usefulness and you will find examples that have graced royal and aristocratic homes as well as the humbler ones. With time the commode became a subdued form of its predecessors and a purely functional piece of furniture.
Our collection of Commodes includes a variety of options such as French commodes, Italian commodes, antique oak commodes and Swedish commodes etc.
Here is an exampleof a Dutch antique commode. It is a 18th century Dutch painted bombe commode. Circa 1780 of dimensions
38.5 inches (98 cms) Wide
18.5 inches (47 cms) Deep
31.5 inches (80 cms) High

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