Antique Mirrors Enhance the Look of a Room

An antique mirror that proudly wears its worn lines and distressed patina can work wonders in a décor that is classic or contemporary. The character of such a mirror is acquired as a product of the years of usage. The very slightly worn out lines give it that worldly sophistication along with an intrinsic and beautiful historic appeal. Besides the looks and the aesthetic appeal, mirrors can also enhance the look of a room by creating an illusion of space thus making it appear bigger. It can also add light and brightness of a place.

Here at Arcadia Antiques we have a wide variety of distressed and painted mirrors, some old and some not so old but all good looking.

These include a beautiful round painted convex mirror.

Many mirrors are genuine antique mirrors whilst other are made from antique components and others are more modern. It is always an asset to show mirrors in pairs... although they are hard to come by.  A particularly nice pair of mirrors is the arched Georgian style window mirrors with lovely worn paint.

From French antique mirrors, antique oak mirrors to distressed painted mirrors and more modern mirrors in style of Gothic, Georgian etc a mirror or pair of mirrors can enhance the look of many environments.

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