Antique Flemish Bleached Oak Buffet

The latest in our collection of antique buffets is this simple, elegant, and absolutely functional Flemish bleached oak buffet.
Traditionally buffets were put to use in the kitchens or dining rooms. These had plenty of storage space for cutlery and dishes and the top provided ample space for serving dishes. This Flemish Buffet dates back all the way to the 19th century and has subtle hints of decorative details that add to its charm. Made of oak, this buffet is steady on its feet and can be used well in contemporary themes.
In the modern-day décor, a beautiful piece of antique furniture such as this can have versatile uses. The colour is on the lighter side making it effortlessly blend in amongst contrasting clean lines, vivid colours, or minimalist 21st Century furniture.
Antique buffets of such proportions are also used in bedrooms, living rooms or other spaces outside of its originally intended kitchen and dining room. If you have a good hallway space, these come in handy there as well. With workspaces now also making use of a mix of antique desks and furniture, you can include a piece like this buffet which will provide storage space for books or files, and a surface for varied uses.
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