Antique Bookcases for Additional Storage

Antique bookcases have always been one of the most loved pieces of furniture since the very beginning. No matter the origin and time period, these have always been elegantly designed and were usually pieces worthy of showing off in the home.
For the modern homes the utility of the bookcases has gone way beyond its traditional use. These often double as display areas for a variety of things such as your pictures, collectibles, CDs and DVDs, for china, decorative items and the like.
These bookcases come in a variety of sizes, are made in woods such as oak, walnut, rosewood or mahogany and often feature ornate detailing depending on the origin.
Some of the antique bookcases also feature pull out drawers which are again convenient for storage. Other versions of these bookcases feature the top part open which can be used as a display cabinet, while the bottom half comes with double doors and adjustable shelves inside. This concealed part provides a good storage space.
Most antiques are made to last and these antique bookcases are no exception. Though the initial investment might be slightly higher than its modern day counterparts or reproductions, the charm and elegance of the true old world pieces always remains unmatched.
A fine example of an antique bookcase id this stunning bleached oak library bookcase from 1860.


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