Anglo-Indian Coffer

At Arcadia Antiques, we have a wonderful variety of antique chests, antique boxes, pine coffers, antique oak coffers and painted boxes that will make an elegant addition to your home. Coffers are amongst our favourites and we have quite a few very versatile options in our collection. Coffers with a touch of ornate charm can introduce an element of luxury to any home.
Old decorative coffers can easily suit a modern decor style when done so in a thoughtful manner. A recent addition to our collection is this stunning 19th-century Anglo-Indian iron-bound elm coffer. This wonderful piece of furniture retains its original carrying handles, hinges as well as engraved leaf-shaped hasps. It features a rich and elegant colour with a flawless patina.
Nothing else can truly match the amazing decorative detail of this stunning piece! The beauty and size of this one will make it a great fit in a commercial space - as well as a wonderful focal point.
We have many more options available, each and every one attractive and absolutely unique. Browse our selection to see our full range of options. Get in touch with us if you have anything particular in mind and we will see if we can source it for you.

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