5 reasons why you need an Antique Mirror in your Decor

Antique mirrors can make a fantastic addition to any decor. They look ornamental and have a classic touch, not forgetting an outstandingly distressed, worn-out appeal. A mirror can add more than just fancy appeal to their surroundings. Here are 5 compelling reasons why an antique mirror can be an irresistible addition to your home decor:

- Antiques are Luxurious
Antique mirrors, with their worn-down look and historic charm, quite simply offer a touch of luxury to any decor. They make perfect accessories for   accentuating their surroundings, as well as being a key focal point. Antique mirrors have a charm and appeal that is unique.

- Mirrors can brighten up a room by reflecting light.
Add some brightness! If you have a room that lacks natural light, strategically placed antique mirrors can give help do away with any dullness, and create a much more vivid appearance.

- Illusion of Space
Mirrors open up your space and make small rooms appear larger. It’s a clever  way to create an illusion of space.  

- Fill up Empty Walls
Introducing a cluster of small mirrors or one iconic large mirror is arguably the best way of dressing an otherwise empty and lifeless wall.

- Blend in Easily
The nature of mirrors is that they can blend into different kinds of decor styles. The options are endless. Select from simple and minimalist styles, or more ornate and decorative designs. There’ll certainly be a mirror out that perfectly matches your décor.

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